Updated 03/25/2014
This following document provides terms of use, privacy policy, and general affiliate agreement, and will refer to the Affiliate as “You” or through any second-person pronouns, such as “Yours,” etc. Hereinafter, the Affiliate shall also be referred to as “Affiliate” or by applicable second-person pronouns.
This Affiliate Terms and Conditions Agreement (the "Agreement") is entered into by and you and Mayflower Inc, an Arizona corporation, doing business as "Fcuk Cash." (hereinafter referred to as "FcukCash.com and/or "FC", "Publisher"). When first-person pronouns are used in this Policy, (us, we, our, ours, etc.) they are referring to this entity and publisher of the applicable websites, which are BackroomCastingCouch.com and ExploitedCollegeGirls.com, and it's affiliate program, FcukCash.com. This entity may also be referred to as “Publisher” from this point forward. Additionally, when the terms “The Sites” or “Sites” are used, these terms refer to the aforementioned websites.
From time to time, We may revise this Agreement. We reserve the right to do so, and You agree that We have this unilateral right. You agree that all modifications or changes to this Agreement are in force and enforceable immediately upon posting. The updated or edited version supersedes any prior versions immediately upon posting, and the prior version is of no continuing legal effect unless the revised version specifically refers to the prior version and keeps the prior version or portions thereof in effect.
By accessing the Sites in any manner, You are affirmatively agreeing to be bound by all of the terms contained in this Agreement. You may not pick and choose which terms apply to You. If You do not agree with all of the terms in this Agreement, You must cease all access and use of the Sites and any other services provided by the Publisher.


In order to enroll in our Affiliate program, you first must submit a completed application form which is provided by CCBill LLC, one of the billing companies we utilize to handle the membership payments for our sites. CCBill LLC is also the company which provides the affiliate program tracking technology and billing and payout technology. CCBill is solely responsible for all payouts to affiliates, and for the accurate tracking of visitors affiliates send, sales and rebills generated, and everything else unless specifically stated otherwise. The CCBill affiliate ID application sign up form will be displayed on FcukCash.com but is created and provided by CCBill. CCBill will receive your information and store and process it according to its policy. For any questions about CCBill and how they handle your information, please see their Affiliate Information section here.
After your application is complete, we will evaluate it and notify you of your acceptance. We reserve the right to refuse acceptance at any time and for any reason, and also cancel existing applications at any time for any reason.
After you complete and submit your CCBill affiliate sign up form, you will receive an Affiliate ID number from CCBill. You need a separate number to promote each of our sites. Once you obtain your Affiliate ID number you can either proceed to the affiliate admin section provided by CCBill, or log in to the affiliate section we offer on FcukCash.com. Our affiliate section allows you obtain promotional materials such as banners, clips, Free Hosted Galleries (FHGs) and others, all of which are subject to change or removal at any time for any reason as determined by us. Our affiliate section also allows you to obtain your linking codes, and optionally create trackers for your links. We reserve the right to offer certain affiliates special promotional tools or links that are not available to all affiliates. This, as well as any other aspect of FcukCash.com is at our sole discretion.
To access any of our sites, or become an affiliate, you must be at least 18 years of age or older, or the age of majority in the jurisdiction you reside.


Our affiliate section located at http://affiliates.fcukcash.com/sliiing/affiliate.php offers you details statistics about your referred sales and other information. All this information is obtained through CCBill, which is solely responsible for tracking your referred sales and rebills, and paying you your affiliate commission. Our affiliate system is merely a way to display this information in what we believe to be a more intuitive and easier to understand way. Our affiliate system may also provide additional statistics obtained via means not provided by CCBill. FcukCash.com does not guarantee the accuracy, validity, or completeness of any such information and provides statistics and any other data for general informational purposes only.
You are not obligated to use or view the stats we provide, and you are not obligated to utilize any of our custom tools such as link trackers, custom join page links, or anything else. If you do use any of these tools or links, or otherwise use or interact in any way with any portion of the FcukCash.com affiliate system, you agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless FcukCash.com, its shareholders, officers, directors, employees, agents, affiliates, successors and assigns, from and against any and all claims, losses, liabilities, damages or expense (including attorneys' fees and costs) of any nature whatsoever resulting directly or indirectly from using any of these or any other tools, or any portions of FcukCash.com

If you prefer to only use the linking codes provided directly by CCBill, and utilize their statistics system only, you may do so. By doing so you understand and agree that you are bound by CCBill's terms and conditions.


You agree to be bound by the following general policies in connection with all content with which Publisher’s materials are associated:
No defamatory, obscene, child pornographic, harassing, or otherwise objectionable content may appear on the Affiliate’s site;
Affiliate shall have no content on the Affiliate’s site that promotes or facilitates illegal activity, or violates the rights of others such as copyright, trademark, other intellectual property infringement, right to privacy, right to publicity, or other similar rights;
Affiliate shall have no content, or link to content, that is prohibited; prohibited content includes, but is not limited to: child pornography, incest, warez content, scat, programs containing viruses, pirated software or other content, actual or simulated rape, sexual violence, obscenity, bestiality, threats of physical harm to persons or property, wire fraud, drug trafficking, and/or violations of international export control laws. We reserve the right to review and/or reject any content created and/or posted by Affiliate, and terminate the Affiliate agreement altogether.
Our Affiliates are strictly forbidden to engage in any fraudulent, deceptive or unfair transactions or trade practices. The Affiliate agrees to fully comply with the United States Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) statutes and regulations (if Affiliate does business in the United States or with United States based customers), and any related rules, policies, and advisory opinions issued by the FTC. No commissions will be paid on violation transactions, and may be withheld if such conduct is suspected.
Affiliate shall not directly or indirectly display on Affiliate’s website any advertising links, banners, or promotional materials for other external websites other than those that have been pre-approved in compliance with this Agreement. For example, Affiliate may only use promotional materials for BackroomCastingCouch.com to promote BackroomCastingCouch.com, not any other site, service, or product.
Affiliate may not promote any of our sites or content on any website that encourages password trading, distribution, or hacking. The Affiliate may not engage in promotion through the direct or indirect use of warez content, spamming, listing on newsgroups, search engines, bulk emailing, or hidden frames.
Affiliate shall not engage in any activities that may be harmful to the image, goodwill, or reputation of FcukCash.com, our web sites, or the owners, managers, or contractors thereof.
Affiliate hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless FcukCash.com, its shareholders, officers, directors, employees, agents, affiliates, successors and assigns, from and against any and all claims, losses, liabilities, damages or expense (including attorneys' fees and costs) of any nature whatsoever incurred or suffered by FcukCash (collectively the "Losses"), in so far as such Losses (or actions in respect thereof) arise out of or are based on (i) any claim or threatened claim use of the Affiliate Trademarks infringes on the rights of any third party; (ii) the breach of any promise, covenant, representation or warranty made by the affiliate herein; or (iii) or any whatsoever claim related to affiliate site.
Affiliate agrees not to utilize any false, misleading or infringing metatags tied to the Affiliate’s site. An Affiliate is not permitted to use its domain name and/or its metatags on the Affiliate’s site to garner search engine traffic. In addition, Affiliate agrees not to utilize any metatags that would imply or suggest that underage or illegal content may be found on the submitted website.


The Affiliate agrees not to use the facilities and capabilities of Sites to solicit the performance of any activity that is prohibited by the CAN-SPAM Act dealing with illegal distribution of Unsolicited Commercial Bulk Email (“UCBE”), commonly known as “spam,” nor shall Affiliate forge or use without authorization, any mail header information. Any conduct that we determine to be spam may result in immediate termination from the Program and forfeiture of any further commissions or payments. Any violation of the CAN-SPAM Act is strictly prohibited. Any Affiliate using unsolicited email, which does not strictly comport with the provisions of the CAN-SPAM Act, will be immediately terminated as an Affiliate and no commissions will be paid to any such offending Affiliate. If such conduct is suspected, any commissions will be withheld. Publisher reserves the right to conduct random audits of all of its Affiliates to determine whether this provision is being complied with, and any suspected offending activity will result in immediate termination and suspension of all payments. Any violation will result in the forfeiture of any payments due.

Should any law enforcement agency, internet service provider or other individual or entity provide FcukCash.com with notice that an affiliate has engaged in the transmission of unsolicited e-mails or have otherwise engaged in unlawful conduct or conduct in violation of said service provider's terms of service, we reserve the right to cooperate in any investigation relating to your activities, including the disclosure of your account information in connection therewith.


Notwithstanding the foregoing, the following are additional rules you agree to and will abide at all times. Failure to comply may result in the suspension of your account, potential forfeiture of any monies owed to you, legal action against you, and other measures.
1) FCUKCASH.com reserves the right to terminate any account at anytime without notice. 
2) You must be of legal age to join and promote our websites. 
3) We do not accept webmasters using non adult freehosts.  
4) We reserve the right to deny any webmaster admittance into our program for using illegal content, if the webmaster is located in a high fraud area, or for any other reason. 
5) You may NOT hotlink any of our .jpgs or .mpgs or any other content from our servers 
7) FCUKCASH.com will not be held responsible for loss due to downtimes resulting from complications with hosting equipment or technical errors or any other reason. 
8) We reserve the right to cancel this program at any time, without prior notification. In such cases you will be notified immediately and paid for ALL accumulated funds up to that point in time, except in cases where it is determined you have cheated by violating this agreement in any way, then you will not be paid.
9) FCUKCASH.com reserves the right to terminate your account if it is idle for more than a month. In such cases you will be notified in advance. 
10) We reserve the right to deny any prospective affiliate admittance into our program for any reason, based on the content of their website or for any other reason. We reserve the right to change the payout rate with a 3 day notice. 
11) Affiliates promoting any of our sites via spam e-mails will have their account terminated and reported to the proper authorities.
12) FCUKCASH.com reserves the right to make certain promotional tools or links, for example discounted join links, available to only certain affiliates.
13) FCUKCASH.com reserves the right to ammend these terms at any time without prior notice. 
14) FCUKCASH.com does not allow affiliates to promote our websites via Google Adwords. 
15) FCUKCASH.com does not allow affiliates to promote our websites using an exact variation of the domain name. EG: .org .net .tv .ws etc. 
16) FCUKCASH.com does not allow affiliates to promote our websites using any misspellings or variations of our domain names. Example: BackromCastingCouch.com would not be allowed. 
17) FCUKCASH.com does not allow affiliates to make up their own descriptions or "background stories" to our content. Affiliates are not allowed to pretend to be writing on behalf of our sites. 



Registration and account information collected. In the course of using our Sites, we may ask you to create an account or complete an application by providing us with certain personally identifiable information that can be used to contact or identify you, as well as to administer your account. The types of personally identifiable information that you provide as part of your account may include: name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, and other information that you provide to us. Further, CCBill provides us with information such as you referred customers, sales, rebills, and other information. All or some of this information may accessible by the owners, administrators, and various third party contractors and service providers of FcukCash.com. FcukCash and its owners, partners, and contractors cannot be held responsible for lost, misdirected, or otherwise incomplete or incorrect information. You understand and agree that we may share any and all information and data about you, your sites, your business, and anything else you have disclosed to us at any time, either directly or indirectly, or disclosed either directly or indirectly to third parties which in turn made such information and data available to us, for any purpose we see fit and as permitted by law.
Information from other sources. We may, on occasion and in our sole discretion, combine information we receive online with outside records and use such information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

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